A Jupyter kernel base class in Python which includes core magic functions (including help, command and file path completion, parallel and distributed processing, downloads, and much more).

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See Jupyter’s docs on wrapper kernels.

Additional magics can be installed within the new kernel package under a magics subpackage.


  • Basic set of line and cell magics for all kernels.
    • Python magic for accessing python interpreter.

    • Run kernels in parallel.

    • Shell magics.

    • Classroom management magics.

  • Tab completion for magics and file paths.

  • Help for magics using ? or Shift+Tab.

  • Plot magic for setting default plot behavior.

Kernels based on Metakernel

… and many others.

API Reference

Documentation for the functions included in Jupyter Kernel.


How to install Jupyter Kernel.


Other information about Jupyter Kernel.